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THE JOHNNY YOUNG TALENT SCHOOL has been my pride and joy for 30 years and continues to develop fine young Australian Talent Whenever I see the likes of Anthony Callea on Australian Idol, Madeline Perrone on Australia’s Got Talent, Tina Arena starring on TV or Danni Minoque singing the praises of her wonderful days with us ~ you can imagine how proud I feel. They were JYTS students too. I travel around Australia all the time and see so much wonderful young talent singing dancing and making music that I know Australia is blessed with the best of musical youth. The key to our school is to develop confidence and communication skills and the gifts our young students already possesses, bringing out the best that’s our promise to you. No matter how raw ... Our experienced teachers will give them the confidence and skills to impress. Our teachers care support and instruct to the highest standard : Welcome to our world ... The special musical world of THE JOHNNY YOUNG TALENT SCHOOLS OF AUSTRALIA"

Johnny Young

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