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Children may start classes from the age of 3.

The Johnny Young Talent School has been operating since 1979, and with the same Principals since inception, we have developed the highest standard of teaching in any school in Australia.

The Young Talent School develops the natural skills of song & dance. Children are more successful in later life when their creative skills are nurtured & developed through song & dance. Children grow healthy through the expression of their talent. Children improve posture and physical strength through dance..... children gain confidence.

By taking up the challenge of learning to sing, dance or act, your children will also benefit from improved self-esteem and confidence. Qualities that will assist them in any task or career they undertake.

Developed methods within the school cover all the principles and techniques required for development to the professional standard required for success.
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0412 173 726

Classes include
  • Modern singing, Modern jazz & performance, presentation.
  • Advanced classes in singing, jazz & performance.
  • Tap - beginners to advanced.
  • Ballet
  • Junior jazz with an introduction to singing from 3 years old
  • Musical Theatre
  • Funk (junior and senior)
  • Advanced Funk
  • VCE Dance
  • Pop Group workshops
  • Young talent agency (exclusive to students of the talent school)
  • Audition preparation

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